North Oak Cliff Greenspace

What is NOCG?

North Oak Cliff Greenspace, Inc. was formed in 2012. We work with the City of Dallas and neighborhoods adjacent to Coombs Creek Trail and Stevens Park Golf Course.
We raise support and donations, which provide enhanced, landscape maintenance at Stevens Park Golf Course and amenities, such as art, landscaping, and exercise stations along Coombs Creek Trail.

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About NOCG

North Oak Cliff Greenspace, Inc. (Greenspace) was formed during the "planning phase" of the $8 million renovation of Stevens Park Golf Course, which was completed in 2011. Our goal then was to provide support for enhanced landscaping and amenities to complement the terrain and character of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
Greenspace’s Board Members include representation from neighborhoods adjacent to Stevens Park Golf Course and Coombs Creek Trail: East Kessler, Kessler Neighbors United, Kings Highway, Stevens Park Estates, and West Kessler. We work closely with the City of Dallas Departments and our City Council Member to improve the neighborhood. Our annual tournament fundraiser is Golf for the Parks. We expect to expand our fundraising capabilities to include other fun events. In the future, we hope to increase our contributions to Stevens Park Golf Course and the Coombs Creek Trail.
We continue to provide Stevens Park Golf Course with annual maintenance for the landscaped beds, cart path modifications, tee box relocations, and special planting requests. We will continue working with the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department and provide extra funding or resources when needed.
Along the Trail, we planted a landscaped bed of drought-tolerant plants adjacent to the tennis courts.  Greenspace funded the equipment for two fitness stations. One is located at Kessler Parkway near Edgefield, and the other is located at Plymouth and Hampton. In the near future, we will be funding the installation of a water fountain (with a pet-friendly bowl) at Plymouth and Oak Cliff Blvd.  

Golf For the Parks, October 14th, 2019
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